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How to Resign at Work

15704964_mPicture it; you’ve been working in a dead end job for what feels like years and you really dislike your boss. You have just been offered your dream job so now you can finally quit! Although it’s tempting to take your CV and walk out without saying goodbye, it’s important to resign correctly and to keep in contact with your old colleagues. Check out our tips below to help you hand your notice in, in style!

• Prepare. It is vital that you prepare your resignation. Write down a list of reasons why you are leaving as your employer will almost certainly ask you. You can also jot down some notes to help them improve their processes and it will help you to remain professional during the meeting.

• You could phone your boss but it is much more professional to call a meeting. Meeting your boss face to face will ensure you get all of your points across and will help you to build rapport. You will probably bump into your boss in the future if you are working in the same industry and you need a good reference – so ensure you leave on good terms.

• Write a resignation letter.

• Be prepared for a counter offer – if you are valued in your position your boss might try to offer you more money or a new position. Write down some notes before the meeting to help you answer this effectively.

• Be honest – if you have some negative feedback then tell them as it will help them to improve their processes.

• Be polite at all times and let your colleagues know as well as your boss.

• Leave contact details with anyone you want to keep in contact with. You have spent time building professional relationships so it would be silly not to keep them going!