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How to Progress to a New Job

10963521_mIf you are bored in your current position and looking for change then follow these simple steps to help you land a new job.

Prepare Your CV

Preparing your CV template is crucial in order to look for a new job. Sit down and update your CV with any work experience or charity work and ensure you update your skills section. Before you send out your CV you need to ensure it reads well and looks good. A good CV layout can help you to make your application stand out from the rest so spend time looking at CV samples to find out what is popular in your chosen industry. Ensure that your personal statement is up to date and that your skills and experience match the role you are applying for.

Search Everywhere

Don’t just rely on one resource to find a new job. Employers use a variety of communication streams to find candidates; online, social media sites, newspapers, job boards and recruitment agencies are just some of the places you can check for new opportunities. Ensure you explore all of the avenues – get your CV online, apply to recruitment agencies and keep up to date with local press.


After you have looked at all of these resources and found opportunities in your area you need to narrow down and target your search. What role are you looking for? What industry do you want to work in? How far are you willing to travel to work? These are all questions you should be asking in order to target your job search and to apply for suitable jobs.

Cover Letter

Writing a cover letter is essential as this can personalise your application. Include relevant experience and skills and make it personal to the company.

Interview Preparation

After you send out your CV and cover letter spend time preparing for the interview stage. Practice with a friend, research the company and practice interview questions to ensure that, if you get the interview, you nail it!

To get started, use our online CV tool to create a bespoke CV template.