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How to Organise a Work Meeting

13181416_lEvery so often you may find yourself needing to hold a staff meeting. This could be because your manager has requested it, there is a new development in your team that you need to make everyone aware of or you have a project you would like to discuss. Heading up a meeting can be quite daunting so to ensure you perform to the best of your ability check out our tips.


Just like attending a job interview, preparing before a meeting is vital if you want it to run smoothly. Research into your meeting theme and make notes on what you would like to bring up. Also think about what your meeting objectives are to help you with your structure.


Ensure you organise beforehand. Gather any materials you need to run the meeting and ensure you give attendees plenty of notice. Send through email reminders so people can update their work calendars and attend at the correct time.


It is vital that you choose a location where you are unlikely to be disturbed. Try to pick a meeting room that doesn’t have too many distractions like windows. Ensure it is quiet and large enough to fit the number of people attending.

Create Discussion

If you are heading the meeting it will be up to you to raise each meeting point and to set an agenda. Ensure that you address each point thoroughly and that you allow each person to contribute. Keep the discussion going and ensure you develop any thoughts and points.

Making Notes

It’s crucial that you take notes or you ask someone to come along and take ‘meeting minutes’. This is where notes are made about what each person in the meeting says. Action points are also jotted down including who will action them. You should then have these points emailed around to the attendees after the meeting so everyone can monitor the progress.