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How to Make Your Hobby a Job

10671908_mLove gardening? Love baking? Or do you relish the opportunity of getting outside to surf some waves? Whatever your hobby or passion, you can make it into a job – here’s how.

Perfect Your Craft

It can take years to perfect your craft but this is crucial if you want to make a job out of it and earn some money. You are unlikely to get clients to your new gardening business if you actually only pick up sheers once a year. Your clients will need to know that you can provide a quality service and do a better job than they can! Perfecting your craft is relevant to every hobby because if you become an expert at what you do you are more likely to get noticed and draw attention from potential customers or fans. Spend your spare time perfecting your craft before you decide to start publicising it.


Networking is vital in order to meet industry contacts. It could be simply attending local networking events to meet people who share the same passion as you or it could be targeting more corporate events to scout for new customers. Either way, try and attend networking events throughout the year in order to build your brand.

Work for Free

In most industries you have to work for free to get noticed. Although you may be very skilled at your chosen hobby it will take a while for you to get known. To get yourself known consider applying to work experience or internship roles to boost your CV writing content and experience. Of if you are looking to offer a service try a heavily discounted offer to attract customers.

Use Tools

There are so many ways to market your business. Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, Linked In, local advertising, events…the list goes on! Ensure you are using all of the available tools to promote your business.

Be Persistent

Persistence and passion for the job are essential if you want to turn your hobby into a business. It won’t happen overnight!

The Jobulo team interviewed Andrew Cotton, a Pro Surfer, who turned his dream into a reality. For more advice about turning your passion into a job watch the video interview here.

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