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How to Make a Good First Impression

19785636_mWhether you are attending a job interview or starting your first day of work, making a good impression is essential. Check out these tips below to help you make a positive impact in the workplace:

Write a good CV! One of the most important things to focus on when applying for jobs and attending interviews is your CV. A well written CV can help you to get noticed in your chosen field, can help you to demonstrate your key skills and experience and it can also help you to gain job interviews. Your CV is also the first impression an employer will have of you so it’s crucial you spend time on the layout and content of your CV. Include key experience, include your key skills, highlight achievements and check for spelling and grammatical errors before you send it out!

• Dress appropriately. Whether you are attending an interview or going to work for the first time, your dress sense is crucial. Your employer and colleagues will draw first impressions from the way you dress so ensure you dress appropriately for the job. Research the company and wear a sensible outfit to ensure you make a positive first impression.

• Build rapport with staff. Spend time talking to staff when you first meet them, take an active interest in the company and get to know key members of staff and your colleagues.

• Show commitment to the company by doing your research. This is both hugely beneficial in a job interview and your first day of employment. Do your research on the company, find out their goals, find out the company ethos and demonstrate your knowledge to the employer by asking questions. This will show you are committed to the company and will show that you are keen to progress there.