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How to Know When You Are Ready for a Career Change

15911104_mIt can become very easy to plod along in a job that is fairly well paid and one you know inside out. But when is the right time to take a chance and look for a new job? And how do you know if you are ready? Follow the check list below to assess whether it’s time for you to change careers.

You Dread Going to Work

This is an obvious sign that you are not in the right job. Unfortunately many of us will not ‘love’ the idea of work but you should at least not dread it. If you find yourself clinging hold of the weekend and dreading a Monday morning then you should question why.

You Are Bored

If you like your job but are quite bored then it could be time for a change. Boredom at work is usually because you are not being challenged enough. It could be your work projects are too simple, you don’t have enough work on or simply that the work you are being given isn’t challenging you enough. Either way if you find you are regularly bored this will eventually lead to a low morale so talk to your boss or start looking at a career move.

You Leave As Soon As Possible

There will be the odd occasion that you need to leave work on time but generally speaking you shouldn’t be packing up your desk early and clock watching during the last ten minutes. This is a sign that you are not satisfied at work so you should address these issues promptly.

You Don’t Talk About Your Job

Nobody talks about their job all day long but if you find yourself avoiding questions about your work during social time, think about why this could be. Are you embarrassed about the job? Do you find it boring? Do you dislike the job? Ask yourself these questions – perhaps it’s time for a career change?

If you find yourself feeling any of the above then it could be time to starting preparing your CV and looking for a new challenge. Before you do this you should speak to your boss first to see if there are any other positions or responsibilities you can take on.