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How to Improve Your Monday Motivation in the Office

21149418_mGetting into work mode after the weekend can be tough so check out these tips on how to boost your Monday motivation and how to start your working week.


One of the best ways to kick-off your working week is by having a good breakfast. Breakfast will help you to boost your motivation and will ensure you keep your concentration levels up during your first morning back in the office. Getting up early to prepare breakfast will also ensure you have enough relaxation time before you have to get in your office outfit and head to work.


Regular exercise can help to boost endorphins can make you feel more energetic and happy in the work place. Whether it’s walking to work, taking a walk at lunch or going to the gym – try and fit exercise into your Monday routine to boost motivation levels.


The start of the week is always tough because there are usually queries to handle from the weekend and a workload to organise. One of the easiest ways to feel motivated at work is to create a to-do list. Doing this on a Monday morning and placing it on your desk will help you to work towards goals and will help you to keep focus during the week. List crucial tasks at the top of your list and tick them off once completed as this will show you what you have achieved during your working day and will help you to keep motivated.


Work colleagues can help you to feel motivated so spending breaks socialising with work colleagues or attending staff events outside of work can really boost your confidence.

Regular Breaks

To keep your concentration levels high ensure you spend time away from your computer and take regular breaks. A recent report revealed that people in the UK spend an average of 9 hours a day looking at a computer screen. That’s more than any other country in the world! Spending too long looking at a screen can damage your health and can make you feel drowsy. Although you may have to use a computer at work, it’s beneficial to take regular breaks because this will not only protect your eyes, but it will help you to feel less tired and will also boost concentration levels. Step away from your desk for tea breaks, meetings and to discuss projects with team members and don’t be glued to the screen all day.

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