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How to Give a Presentation at Work

20419729_mPresentations can be quite daunting, especially if you’re presenting to the MD or your boss! Whether you are presenting a new idea to your team or presenting sales and performance figures, check out these tips to help calm your presentation nerves and to help you make an impression.

Do Your Research

If you are going to give a presentation to your work colleagues then, regardless of the topic, you should do your research. Researching the topic well will help you to support any claims you make, any plans you may have and it will also make you look prepared and professional. Spend a week or so before the presentation gathering your material and researching data to present.

Prepare Pictures

Presentations can be very boring if all there is to look at is pages and pages of text. To brighten up your presentation and to make it more interesting consider using pictures to support your data.


If you are proposing plans for change or a new project that you feel the company needs to work on then you should try to find some relevant statistics to support your presentation. Statistics will show your boss that you have done your homework and will also support your case for introducing new initiatives.


Detail your plan of action and what you want the outcome of the presentation to be. Knowing this before you give the presentation will give you direction and focus. Outline what action points need to be completed and name colleagues you would like to complete them and ensure you highlight this in the meeting.


At the end of the presentation you should allow plenty of time for your colleagues to ask questions. Your colleagues will need time to clarify points and they may also want to add suggestions to your presentation so it’s vital you give them the opportunity to as it will demonstrate you are a team player. Make notes on any suggestions for improvement and any points you feel are important and ensure you add them into your plan.