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How to Deal with a Rejection Letter

492598_mIf you have attended a job interview and just received a rejection letter, you’ll probably be feeling unmotivated. But it’s crucial you put the letter to one side and keep applying for jobs. Here’s how:

Stay Positive

The first thing to do when you receive a rejection letter is to remain positive. Feeling negative will hinder your job search as you will not be able to write a positive cover letter and send out your CV template. Remaining positive will enable you to continue your job search and hopefully will secure you more job interviews.

Ask for Feedback

Sometimes an employer will offer this but if they don’t you should ask for feedback on your application. By gaining this you will be able to see where you went right and where you went wrong, which will enable you to work on future applications. Don’t take the feedback too personally – constructive criticism is usually very helpful.

Work on Feedback

Whatever you are given as feedback, spend time working on this to improve before your next job interview. It could be that you need to re-write your CV, that you need to work on your interview body language or that you need to update your career portfolio. Whatever it is, work on improving it to prepare for your next meeting with an employer!


Continue to network with people in your industry and get your name out there! It’s easy to let a rejection dent your confidence but it’s crucial that you keep networking with industry contacts as this could lead to new opportunities.

Remember, sometimes you can have the perfect interview and still get rejected as sometimes interviewers are looking for specific personalities and experience to fit into their organisation. Don’t be dejected and accept rejection gracefully – you never know if you may need to contact the employer again! If you do want to start your CV again why not try our online CV builder?