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How to Deal with a Bad Boss

14778287_mUnfortunately this is something that happens to everyone, at some point in their career. Dealing with a boss that you don’t get on with can be highly frustrating and can affect your work results. Whether it’s their personality you don’t like or the way they delegate work, you need to deal with this issue immediately as it could hinder your career progression. Here are some ways of dealing with a bad boss.

Identify the Issue

The first thing to do is to identify the problem. If they are being bossy and abrupt, is this their managerial style? Is everyone treated the same? If they are neglecting you and you don’t feel you are being given enough support, what areas do you need support with? Writing a list of problems will help you to identify what is wrong and will help you to articulate this.

Arrange a Meeting

You then need to arrange a meeting with your boss to tell them how you are feeling. If they are unaware of how you feel, they can’t change it. They may also not even be aware of their own actions and if this is causing issues for other members of staff your boss should be aware of it.

Talk to Colleagues

Discuss your issues with colleagues – are they feeling the same? If so it’s perhaps worth calling a group meeting. Colleagues who have worked at the organisation for longer may also help to shed light on your manager’s behaviour.

Talk to Other Managers

If there are other senior members of staff you should call a meeting with them and discuss your issues. If it’s a personality clash they may be able to help you move departments or resolve the issue.

Make a Decision

If things are still not improving at work you need to decide whether you can continue working there or whether to start preparing your CV and to look elsewhere for opportunities.