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How to Build Rapport with Work Colleagues

9331637_mBuilding rapport with work colleagues can really help you to boost confidence in the workplace and can also help you to feel more content and positive. Building relationships with colleagues can also lead to career progression and could also be beneficial for the references section of your CV template. So if you want to build professional relationships but don’t know how to, check out these ideas to help you improve your work relationships and rapport.

Be Supportive

Offering support to your work colleagues is a proven way of building trust and rapport. If a work colleague knows they can go to you for support on work projects, events or queries then they will feel more relaxed in your presence and will naturally become more approachable.


The only way you can get to know your work colleagues is if you socialise with them. Asking a work colleague to go to lunch with you is a great way to start building rapport. Lunch breaks give you the perfect opportunity to relax away from your desk and discuss non-work related topics. You should find that your colleagues act different at lunchtime as they will be more relaxed and they won’t be occupied with trying to remain professional. Once you go on a few lunch breaks you can then start to join in with socialising outside of work. Companies usually organise team building events too so you should attend these as they are a great way of building contacts.

Join a Sports Team

Many companies have a sports team so if yours does consider getting involved. Sports teams not only bring people together and create a sense of unison but they are obviously a great way to keep fit. Work teams usually have a training schedule and match days. Sometimes work teams also have ‘team socials’ once every few months where all team members are invited out. Joining a team can really help you to develop relationships but they are also a great talking point. If you are trying to build rapport with a senior member of staff or someone from another department, you can always talk about the sports team and create discussion from there.