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How to be Happy at Work

20207738_mWhat exactly does it take to be happy at work? And how can you keep motivated?


Interacting with colleagues and having good working relationships is essential in order to keep motivated and happy at work. Working alone or with colleagues you don’t get on with can make you feel quite isolated. Try and socialise by organising work events and activities outside of work to keep motivated.


If you aren’t challenged at work then it’s likely you could start to feel bored and this can lead to negativity. If you are feeling like you are not challenged, consider talking to your line manager. Ask for extra responsibility, ask about prospective work projects and volunteer to help other departments. The more challenges you have at work, the more motivated you will be to finish projects and to work on career progression.


Progression is crucial in order to keep motivated. If there is no position to progress to or no new opportunities regularly coming up then you could feel stagnant in your job role. Ensure that you have regular performance meetings with your manager and you have regular targets to work towards.

CV Content

To keep happy at work you need to be able to constantly add content to your CV template. New content suggests you are being given new projects and challenges to work on which ultimately will help you in new positions as it can help to develop your skills and knowledge.

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