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How to Avoid Being a Zombie in the Office

18918128_mZombies are nasty things. They smell, have skin hanging off them and can infect an entire population with a single bite. But although zombies are fictional beings mostly found in horror movies, did you know there can be zombies in the workplace? We don’t mean real zombies loitering around the coffee machine and walking into walls. But there are some people that look like the walking dead at work. They are instantly recognisable – they are unmotivated, occasionally grunt a response to your question, look dishevelled and their bad mood is infectious. These people are usually fed up of their job and are probably feeling disheartened at their lack of career motivation. But be warned – this kind of behaviour can rub off! So to avoid being a zombie at work this Halloween, follow these simple steps.

Early Nights

Zombies don’t get much sleep so to ensure you are one of the living at work get plenty of rest. It sounds obvious but those who don’t get a proper sleep will turn up to work feeling unmotivated and lacking concentration. This can potentially be very damaging to your career progression.


Zombie workers don’t eat breakfast – they are usually the ones in the office that argue over the last sweet and order in junk food to get them through the day. Now although this is an office treat that you should definitely have on occasions, try and avoid sugar and takeaway food in the office as it can affect your concentration and energy levels. Instead opt for a healthy breakfast and regular, small portions of food.

Regular Work Breaks

If you’ve spotted your co-workers staring at their computer screen and dribbling more than usual then it could be that they are turning into a workplace zombie. Staring at your PC for hours on end and not taking regularly breaks could leave you feeling a little brain-dead so ensure you step away from the screen every now and then.


Have you noticed that zombies don’t interact? It’s probably because they grunt and can’t formulate a conversation or it could be down to their overwhelming urge to eat brains, not interact with them. Either way interacting with your colleagues throughout the day, attending social events and setting up meetings can help you to keep (mentally) alive at work.

Hopefully these tips should help you to avoid becoming a part of the walking dead but just in case ensure that your desk is equipped with weapons (staplers are a good choice) and you know where all the fire exits are in order to fight off your zombie work mates.