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Going Back to Work for an Ex Employer

21146948_mMany people believe that when you leave a position, you shouldn’t go back. But if your ex-employer contacts you and offers you a job you can’t turn down, there’s no reason why you can’t work for your old boss. If you do find yourself in this position check out these tips to help you fit back into the company.


If you have been approached by your ex-boss for a possible job vacancy ensure you think through the position and move carefully. There probably was a reason you left the company – whether it was for further career progression or a new challenge. Either way, ensure you are 100% committed to returning to the company before you accept the role.


It is crucial that you research the job role and visit the company website before you accept a position. The company has probably moved on since you worked for them so you should find out whether the role is different, whether the company has changed and whether they still share the same values and opportunities.


If your ex-employer has contacted you then you should be in a better position to negotiate your role. Talk through the job title, remuneration and career progression opportunities thoroughly before you start work.

Be Professional

If you have accepted the job then you should remain professional at all times when returning to work. Although you may know your boss and feel comfortable within the company, you should ensure you turn up early on your first day. Treat the role as a new job and ensure you strive to impress to help you work towards a pay rise and career progression.

Clean Slate

Although you probably know many of your colleagues you should treat your role as a new one. Ensure you put in effort to get to know new members of the team as this will help you to settle back into the position and will reinforce your desire to work there.