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Flexible Jobs

22111551_mIf you work 9-5 and want the opportunity to work flexible hours and to increase your salary then you could look at flexible working. There are a variety of jobs out there that offer flexible working – whether it’s part time or ad hoc work. Flexible working can help you to boost your income and to work hours that suit you. Flexible working can also turn into full-time employment. Check out a few examples of flexible jobs below to help your job search.

Mystery Shopper

There are many companies you can sign up with to become a Mystery Shopper. Mystery Shoppers don’t earn much (between £8-£20 per assignment) but it can be a great way of earning extra money and topping up your income. You can also work flexible hours. Once you register your interest to become a Mystery Shopper you’ll usually be sent assignments which can vary from posing as a customer in a retail store to posing as a customer in a restaurant. Mystery Shoppers are designed to test customer service levels and report back on staff performance and the overall customer experience. Once you submit your report you are then paid for the job. Mystery Shoppers also work very flexible hours – you can work during evenings or weekends and each assignment only usually takes a few hours.


If you work in a profession where you can freelance (i.e. Journalism, web design) then going freelance and working from home can afford you plenty of flexible working hours. By networking with industry contacts and attending events you could build up a portfolio of contacts and find out if any of them need extra work or projects completed. Freelancers usually work flexibly from home to complete projects and some even make this into a full time position.

Bar Staff

Working in a bar or restaurant can usually mean flexible working hours – including evenings and weekends. You can work in a variety of places and duties usually include serving food and drink, taking payments and customer service.


By turning your hobby into a part-time job you can work both flexible hours and boost your income. Whether you enjoy gardening or writing, why not try turning your hobby into a job? It can not only give you the opportunity to earn extra income, but will also give you more content for your CV.