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Five Ways to Avoid Pulling a Sickie at Work

16311387_mToday has been branded as National Sickie Day, the one day of the year workers across the country are expected to call in to work sick.

Apparently the first Monday in February sees record numbers of employees taking a sick day, with over 375,000 workers expected to stay at home. It’s thought bad weather and post Christmas blues are contributing factors. Many employers don’t believe workers when calling in sick at this time of year so if you’re feeling a bit groggy and want to stay out of your bosses bad books – check out these tips to help you avoid pulling a sickie.


During the weekend, especially on a Sunday, it’s a good idea to rest up and prepare for your working week. If you spend every weekend operating at maximum speed, you may find that on Monday morning you feel tired! Try and spend (at least a portion of) your weekend relaxing! This should help you avoid having to call in to work late.

Regular Exercise

Regular exercise releases endorphins and can make you feel more alert. Keeping active during the week can help you to feel healthier and more awake at work. Whether it’s joining a gym, walking to work or jogging at the weekend – try and incorporate some form of exercise into your working week.

Drink Water

Regular visits to the water machine at work are vital. Keeping hydrated at work will help you remain focused on your projects and could help when it comes to avoiding sick days.


Try to avoid leaving yourself big work loads. If you avoid your work on Friday and turn up to a mountain of it on your desk on Monday, you are more likely to want to take a sick day. Instead try to organise your work load, make to do lists and have a plan.

Regular Breaks

Not having breaks at work can leave you feeling unwell and unmotivated. If you are constantly working at your desk you may start to feel bored of your work which could lead to you feeling tempted to take a sick day. Ensure you take regular breaks and socialise with your work colleagues in order to keep motivated and happy at work.