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Changes to Minimum Wage

11770954_mChanges to the UK’s minimum wage have come into effect which will see over one million of Britain’s lowest paid workers benefit from the change.

Minimum wage was introduced in 1999 and since then there have been a number of changes made throughout the years. Recent changes to UK income and taxes came into effect yesterday, noting some increases to wages which will effect low paid workers.

There has been a small jump in the national minimum wage. It was previously £6.08 an hour and has now risen by 11p and is set at £6.19 an hour. There has also been a rise for apprenticeship wages which is now at £2.65 an hour.

The 1.8 % rise in the national minimum wage is lower than previously expected although is positive compared to workers aged under 21, who will see no increase to their wages.

The working rate remains the same for people aged 16/17 and is currently £3.68 per hour. Employees aged 18, 19 or 20 will also see their pay remain the same at £4.98 per hour.

Changes to VAT were announced earlier this year including the now famous ‘pasty tax’. The changes will see VAT applied to a number of products and services including hot takeaway food, hairdressing chairs and sports drinks.