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Average Salary Increases in the UK

11032936_mThe average salary in the UK for full time workers has increased to £26,500 according to a new report.

The Office for National Statistics published the report, stating that during the year to April 2012 the average full-time salary in the UK has risen by 1.4%.

The report also stated that the gap between what men and women are earning across the country has decreased. The full time hourly rate that the average man in the UK receives was 10.5% higher than the average woman and that’s now decreased to 9.6%.

The figures also looked at the difference between public sector workers and private sector workers. The report suggests that those working in the public sector have seen a higher increase in their wages – a 1.6% increase to their weekly wages. That compares to the 1.5% increase for private sector employees.

A report by the Office for National Statistics earlier this month also outlined how pay rises have been awarded much faster to wealthy individuals during the past 25 years compared to poorer workers.

The highest 10% of earners in the UK have seen an hourly pay rise of 81% in recent years compared to the lowest 10% of earners seeing a 46% increase. The report, issued on the BBC website, also stated that two decades ago the rich were earning eight times more an hour than the poor. It’s now estimated they earn ten times more.