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Career Portfolio Tips

16804418_mA career portfolio can help you to secure a job as it supports your CV template with real, on-the job examples of your work and your career results. It can help an employer to visualise the results you could achieve within their company. If you are thinking of using a career portfolio check out the tips below to help you create it.


If you are creating a portfolio to take to a job interview you will need to think about presentation in order to impress the employer. If you give them your career portfolio and it is in a grubby case then they may think that you don’t show much attention to detail or care for your work. Instead use a new wallet or folder as it will showcase your work more effectively. You should also think about the presentation of your work. Try not to clutter each page of the portfolio and don’t include any work that isn’t well executed.


It is vital to include content that shows your previous work but it is also vital to write good explanations to go alongside this. If you include examples of your previous work but don’t outline how you helped the company and how this work effected performance then it isn’t going to have as big an impact as you may like.

Facts and Figures

Facts and figures will give the employer an idea of what results you could achieve for their business. Try and use percentages, numbers and values to show just how much of an expert you are in your chosen industry.


Your career portfolio will be more exciting if you include photos and images to accompany your content. It could be pictures of work projects or simply a graphic to accompany the text – but it will definitely help to keep the employer reading.