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Career Advice; How to Perform Like an Olympian

Olympics - Jessica EnnisThe London 2012 Olympic Games are well underway, with the best athletes from across the world competing for gold across a number of sporting events. But when it comes to work and your job, how do you compete against your colleagues and ensure you’re on track for gold? We’ve listed some tips below.

Show Dedication

Just like an Olympian, you need to show determination and dedication for your craft if you want to succeed. No matter what industry you are working in, if you put in extra hours, work hard to complete extra projects and practice then you are sure to be working towards career progression.

Try New Things

Trying new things can help you to learn new techniques and can even help you to meet new contacts. Being an Olympian is all about being innovative, having multiple skills and pushing boundaries. So consider how you can do this in the work place. Remember, any new projects you take on can be included in your CV.

Have Stamina

Unless you are running a 100m race, most Olympic sports require stamina and this is true for most jobs. Career progression and job promotion can take time. Candidates that show patience and longevity will usually be rewarded. Try not to give up at the first hurdle – if you apply for promotion but don’t get it, try again.

Be Focused

If you are aiming for a new job or simply want to get noticed at work, being focused on your goals will help. Keep a list of things you want to achieve and constantly revisit them to see how you are developing.