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What Skills Do This Year’s Apprentice Stars Need to Succeed?

The Apprentice - 2012The Apprentice is back on our TV screens and during the next few weeks we’ll be treated to tears, tantrums and some finger pointing in the board room. This year’s candidate line up seems extra competitive as each person is battling it out for a £250,000 investment from Lord Sugar to invest in their start-up business. So what skills are the candidates going to need to display during the coming weeks in order to secure investment?

Sales Skills

This is arguably the most important skill to show during The Apprentice. Every year we see candidates taking part in tasks and travelling around London trying to sell bulk stock and a variety of products. Last night’s show, the first in the new series, saw the candidates try to sell items in bulk to retailers in London. The items included bottles of water, high-vis jackets, cat litter and a lucky cat ornament. The aim of the task was to sell all of the stock and the team that made the most amount of profit won. Sales skills were obviously essential here – the candidates had to sell these items in large volumes whilst trying to secure the best price. So in order to get to the final, candidates will need to keep showing their sales skills and ability to negotiate with possible customers.

Team Building

Although most of the candidates are in it for themselves, there is definitely an element of team building required in order to make it to the final of The Apprentice. The winning team each week is safe from being fired and therefore candidates need to work together to avoid being in the board room with Lord Sugar.


As the winning candidate will be going into business with Lord Sugar, innovation and creativity is essential in order to create a business that is unique. Lord Sugar has already mentioned that the candidates’ CV writing has included terms like ‘think outside of the box’ but they’ll have to really prove this during some of their tasks.