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What Does It Take To Be a Water Slide Tester?

water-slide-tester-jobFirst Choice has been searching all year long for a new candidate to join their team as their Water Slide Tester and the winner of the post has just been announced. Although it sounds like a lot of fun in the sun, we examine below what it takes to be a real Slide Tester and whether it really is the best job in the world.

Person Specification:

• Like the sun. This is a must for anyone wanting to be a Slide Tester. We doubt there are water slides in cold, freezing climates so liking the sun and wanting to be outside in the heat is essential.

• Like bold colours. Bright and bold swimsuits are the uniform for this position. Forget the shirt and tie – in this role the candidate will be wearing bold prints and bright swimming costumes all day long so therefore liking bright colours is essential.

• Sociable. Wondering around a water park all day and queuing for rides makes being sociable a vital attribute. There will be a lot of talking with the general public and building rapport with water park staff so therefore the candidate will need to be sociable.

• Approachable. Water park staff will need to approach the candidate throughout the day so this is essential.

• Enjoy swimming as a hobby. If you don’t enjoy swimming, you won’t enjoy this job! We think the winning candidate for this job must have had this on his CV template.

Key Skills Required:

• Flexible. As well as being flexible enough to ride on water slides, the candidate needs to be able to work flexible hours. Weekend and evening work will probably be required!

• Versatile. Small water slides, winding water slides, indoor water slides, kamikaze slides…there are a lot to test so versatility is sure to be a desirable skill for this position.

• Computer literate. There will definitely be a need to write/blog about the experience as a Slide Tester so basic computer skills will no doubt be required.

• Video production. With so many companies using video and multimedia to reach customers, First Choice will probably be looking for the winning candidate to vlog about their experience in the job so video production and presenting skills will be desirable.