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Top Three Scariest Jobs in the UK

23909539_mHalloween is the scariest time of year, that’s for sure. Pumpkins are carved, gruesome outfits are bought and horror movies are lined up all over the country in preparation for the event. And Halloween has become one of the biggest holidays, worth over £300m in the UK! To join in with the spooky events, the team at Jobulo have been looking into some of the scariest jobs in the UK and whittled it down to just three.

Funeral Director

Becoming a Funeral Director (also known as a Mortician) takes both hard work and dedication. Although there are no specific qualifications for the job, the National Association of Funeral Directors offer courses that applicants can apply to and gain foundation and diploma certificates. There are a variety of duties in this job role including organising and arranging funerals, performing embalming duties and consulting with people involved in the funeral to ensure the operation runs smoothly.


Butchers all over the country prepare meat for their customers to consume. The job involves cutting and trimming meat, grinding meat and preparing and cleaning meat and fish for sale. The tools involved include meat grinders and cleavers. You’ve probably seen some of this equipment in horror films? Enough said.


Taxidermy began in the 18th century, mainly because hunters wanted to preserve their catch and keep it as a ‘trophy’. A Taxidermist today will work with dead animals to restore and preserve their body for places like museums and other public displays.

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