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Top Five TV Bosses to Work For

Here are five TV bosses and why they could be good to work for:


David Brent

David Brent (played by Ricky Gervais) first stumbled onto our screens in 2001 as the annoying, yet endearing, boss of Wernham Hogg – a paper company based in Slough. Brent managed the Slough branch and through mockumentary episodes of The Office we got to see him attempt stand up comedy in the office, play pranks on his staff and dance outrageously at office parties.

Why He Would Be a Good Boss:

Although the staff at Wernham Hogg found Brent annoying, we can’t help but think he’d be an interesting boss to work for. Yes – you would probably find it hard to ever get actual work done, but your working days would always be varied. One day you could be dancing along in the office to Freelove Freeway and the next you could be accompanying him to an outside management training programme and being treated to his motivational talks, all whist listening to The Best by Tina Turner. Although his constant jokes could get tedious, you’d find it hard to get bored in the office with Brent around.


Phillip Broyles

Phillip Broyles (played by Lance Reddick) is the Special Agent in charge of the Fringe division of the FBI. Broyles runs a specialist unit that deals with bizarre cases and paranormal incidents.

Why He Would Be a Good Boss:

As well as having an amazing walk that would make you laugh everytime he entered the office, Broyles seems to genuinely care about the welfare of his staff. Throughout the first two seasons of Fringe we saw his relationship with agent Olivia Dunman blossom and he seems to genuinely care about his staffs’ emotions and opinions. Although he is quite driven, he listens to suggestions and opinions of others around him so voicing a new idea wouldn’t be a problem. He also recognises hard work when he sees it – so your career progression and promotion opportunities would certainly improve working for Broyles.


Samantha Jones

Samantha Jones (played by Kim Cattrall) is one of the main characters in the Sex and the City series. A high powered individual working in New York City, Samantha runs her own PR firm and is often seen hosting some of the best parties and events around.

Why She Would Be a Good Boss:

Although Samantha is well known for being promiscuous in her private life, she is completely different when it comes to business. She has a wealth of knowledge in the PR industry and a host of contacts so you could certainly establish an industry profile working for her. Samantha also hosts some of the biggest events in the city and regularly travels for work so there would be plenty of opportunities to add to your CV if she was your boss. She is also a very caring character when it comes to her friends so she would be very approachable in the workplace.


Basil Fawlty

Basil Fawlty (played by John Cleese) is the manager of a hotel in Torquay. Despite only appearing in 12 short episodes of Fawlty Towers, Basil Fawlty is a memorable character because of his grumpy exterior and sarcasm.

Why He Would Be a Good Boss:

At first glance, Basil would be a terrible manager. He runs the hotel and can often be seen getting in disputes with customers and colleagues. But although his incessant rambling at some of the guests could be embarrassing, it would also vary your working day and give you plenty of opportunity to take on new responsibilities. Whether it was diffusing an awkward situation with a customer or handling a complaint, you would definitely gain a wealth of customer service experience working at Fawlty Towers and this could help with future job applications.


Charlie Townsend

Charlie Townsend is the boss of private investigation firm The Townsend Agency. His character is famous for speaking to his staff via a voice box in TV series Charlie’s Angels.

Why He Would Be a Good Boss:

Whether it’s a staff meeting or an assignment, Charlie only speaks to his staff via a voice box so you’d never have to worry about turning up late to the office!