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Top Five Seasonal Jobs

22776305_mThe festive period is almost here! And not only does that mean lots of presents, cold weather and turkey – it also means lots of employers will be looking for candidates to help them. Lots of companies crank up their hiring activity during Christmas to cope with customer demand. Positions may be part-time and finish in the New Year or a full-time position that turns into a long-term career. Either way you should start updating your CV template now! We’ve listed below five seasonal jobs and some tips on how to secure a role this winter.


The retail industry is booming during the Christmas period. High street stores are always on the lookout for extra staff to help with extra consumer demand and the January sales. The positions can vary from part-time temping work to full-time positions. Depending on the retailer, duties usually include customer service, tidying, admin and stock replenishment.

Tip: If you are going to apply for a retail position ensure you highlight your customer service skills as these are vital in the retail industry.


Hotels are notoriously busy during the winter months. With more and more people travelling during the winter and booking events and parties, many hotels across the country will be looking for extra help.

Tip: Most hotels have a dress code so ensure you turn up to the interview looking smart!


Work parties and group bookings are popular during the festive period. Restaurants usually have bigger groups to deal with so whether it’s help in the kitchen, more waitresses and waiters or extra bar staff – there are usually a variety of positions available.

Tip: If you apply for a job waiting tables, you’ll need to show you have good customer skills and a good memory to take orders!

Gardening Centres

Gardening centres are popular during Christmas as they usually stock lots of gift ideas and festive stock. Some gardening centres have cafes in so you may find catering positions as well as sales positions available.

Tip: Positions usually involve working behind the till so you need to show your accuracy and attention to detail.

Santa Claus

Shopping centres all over the country will be looking for people to work as Santa Claus. Shopping centres and malls usually have a Santa’s Grotto during the Christmas season and people pay to visit Santa and the Elves.

Tip: This is a real job – so take it seriously!