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Top Five New Year’s Resolutions to Make at Work

11210666_lThe festive season is over and it’s time to get back to work. But as well as making a few New Year resolutions (like burning off the mince pies) many people make resolutions in their professional life. It could be you want to impress your boss or that you want to start looking for a change of career. Either way, check out these work New Year resolutions and some tips on how to make them a reality!

Dress to Impress

Many people have a ‘work wardrobe’ and it isn’t usually fancy. Grey trousers, black shirts and flat, comfortable shoes are what many people wear to the office. But lots of candidates make resolutions to dress better at work. Not only does dressing to impress make you feel better about your appearance, but it can make you feel more confident and can help you to stand out during work meetings and appraisals.

Tip: If you want to revamp your work wardrobe, do it now! January is a great time to look for a new office wardrobe as there are plenty of sales on and you should be able to grab a bargain.


A common New Year resolution to make at work is to gain a job promotion. A job promotion will help you to progress your career, gain recognition in your industry and will usually lead to an increase in your salary.

Tip: If you have been wanting to progress in your career for a while, the New Year is a great time to put this plan into action. Look back on last year and make notes of any achievements and work projects you have excelled in. A fresh start to the year will also allow you to make some new goals. Ensure you make a list of all of this and pin your list to your desk. You will then be reminded every day of your achievements and of your current progress. Once you hit your targets tick them off and consider calling a meeting with your manager to ensure they are aware of your success.

Interacting with Colleagues

If you have been quiet at work, you may be making a resolution to interact more with your colleagues and to build rapport. Interaction with colleagues is vital at work. Not only will it help you to fit in and enjoy your work more but it also demonstrates to the employer that you have good rapport building skills – an essential skill required for most jobs.

Tip: Ensure you start inviting people to lunch, attend work events and try and find out about local networking events too.

Building a Career Portfolio

You may have intended to build a career portfolio last year but been sidetracked by other projects or felt it was too much effort to collate your achievements. But creating a career portfolio can really help you to progress your career. You can use your career portfolio in work meetings when discussing a promotion, to show other team members examples of work when training and you can also use it in a job interview.

Tip: If you gather examples of work regularly, then it will become a lot easier for you to create a career portfolio. Every month look back at your work and print out copies of anything worth noting – file these away in a portfolio and attach notes.

Finding a New Job

Some people get ‘stuck’ in a job that they don’t enjoy or do not want to progress in and if this is you, then the New Year is an ideal opportunity to start looking for a fresh challenge!

Tip: Consider updating your CV and using social media sites to target companies you are interested in. During the New Year most organisations increase their hiring activity so now is the perfect time to look for a new job. Check job sites, contact recruitment companies and attend networking events to ensure you maximise your chances of finding employment.

If you want to find a new job and update your CV for the New Year, use our online CV tool to create a bespoke CV template and start applying for jobs today.