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What Skills Do You Need to be a Professional Pumpkin Carver?

pumpkin carvingHalloween is fast approaching and it’s now one of the most popular holidays in the UK!

Falling just behind Christmas and Easter, Halloween is now a huge event in the UK with consumers spending around £300m a year on the event! People all over the country celebrate the spooky season – attending parties, buying confectionary, wearing fancy dress costumes and indulging in too many scary DVDs are just a few of the most common things to do around Halloween.

But one of the most popular Halloween past times is pumpkin carving! One glance at retailers will demonstrate just how in demand pumpkins are at this time of year – they are everywhere! So whether carving a traditional design to showcase to family and friends or trying something a bit different to showcase at a Halloween party, many people will be pumpkin carving during the next few days.

The Jobulo team will definitely be taking part in some pumpkin carving and with the spooky day almost upon is, it got us thinking – what skills would a candidate need to have to turn this into a real job? And it is a real job for some. Professional Sculptors often spend time carving pumpkins at this time of year and selling them to retail stores or showcasing them at events. And there are even some websites that specialise in pumpkin carving. Of course, it would be difficult to be a full-time pumpkin carver all year round as they are normally only popular as decorative items in October, but many professional sculptors spend the rest of the year working on other creations including sand and ice sculptures.

To get into the Halloween spirit, we wanted to take a closer look at pumpkin carving as a profession and define exactly what key skills a candidate would need to have to be a success in this role. So have a read and let us know – do you think you have the skill-set to be a professional pumpkin carver? And will you be getting involved in the festivities this Halloween?


If you’re going to carve imagery into a pumpkin for a living then you definitely need to be a creative person. One look around at professional sculptors and their work will demonstrate just how creative this industry can be. To excel in the role a candidate would need to have creativity and imagination in abundance.


The Jobulo team know just how frustrating pumpkin carving can be – our pumpkin last year took over two hours to carve and still wasn’t that impressive! To do the role full-time a candidate would need to demonstrate patience and perseverence. A pumpkin carver may find themselves carving several different designs a day and sometimes designs might not go the way they plan. An awkward pumpkin shape, soft exterior and hand-cramp are just a few of the problems a candidate might face in this role. But the crucial aspect of the job is to be patient and remain dedicated to the end goal in order to successfully produce a stand-out pumpkin design.

Ability to Work Alone

Unless you’re taking part in a whacky television show on pumpkin carving, then it’s very likely you’ll be working alone to deliver sculptures to clients. As a professional pumpkin carver you could be spending hours a day locked away in a room and working on your creations. So the ability to work autonomously and be self-motivated are key to success in this role.

Attention to Detail

This is a definite requirement for the role. You can’t carve a pumpkin that looks good enough to sell unless you pay attention to detail, especially the minor stuff! A good pumpkin carver will spend hours perfecting their piece and ensuring it resembles the character they are trying to recreate.


The Jobulo team has spent many a Hallows Eve trying to carve pumpkins and we definitely think some strong muscles are needed for this job. After a few minutes of carving, the job can become tough, so it takes someone with endurance to complete projects successfully.