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Recipe for a CV

18168946_mTry this recipe for a sweet tasting CV…

Lashings of Work Experience

Work experience is a key ingredient on a CV. When reading your CV an employer will want to know what experience you have and whether it relates to the job role you are applying for. Most employers will view work experience as essential when hiring candidates because it demonstrates that you already have working knowledge of the industry. Include any relevant work experience in this section and ensure you briefly detail your responsibilities in your previous positions. Try and relate previous responsibilities to the job role you are applying for and ensure you list any achievements or projects you worked on that you think the employer may want to know about.

A Spoonful of Qualifications

Including your qualifications on your CV is essential, especially if the position you are applying for calls for specific qualifications. Many job roles require candidates to possess certain qualifications and if an employer can’t see these on your CV immediately, then they may skip it and move on to the next. Highlight your key qualifications and grades achieved in the education section of your CV.

A Sprinkling of Personality

Employers receive hundreds of CVs for every job advert they post. And if your CV has similar qualifications and work experience as others applying for the job, how do you make it stand out? One way to do this is to sprinkle a bit of personality into your CV and cover letter. Whether it’s highlighting some personal achievements you are proud of or using the hobbies section of your CV to talk about your interests outside of work, it’s crucial to show a bit of personality! Not only will this make your CV unique but it will also help the employer to identify whether you would fit in with the organisation and the team.

Pinch of Creativity

Competition is tough for both candidates and businesses in today’s employment market. Businesses are constantly looking for the best candidates to help them stand out from their competitors and also to help them develop their business. Demonstrating you are creative on your CV is important because it can help the employer to visualise the impact you could have on their business and it also shows that you may have new and innovative ideas if you join the company. Use the work experience section of your CV to outline any innovative plans you have put into place, any ideas you have implemented in previous jobs and any creative strategies you have been involved in.

Whisk Up Some References

References can really help to support your CV content and career history. Consider asking some of your ex-employers or ex-colleagues to give a quote on you as a candidate and your expertise. You could include these quotes in the references section of your CV for extra credit. If an employer reads comments from your past employers they are more likely to feel confident about you as a candidate and it will probably improve your job interview chances.

Proof read your CV and update the design – to design a new CV try our online CV tool.

Your CV is now ready to serve!