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How to Make Friends at Work

how to make friends at workOccasionally it’s nice to get away from your work colleagues at lunch but let’s face it, no one wants to be the person who regularly sits in the corner alone, munching on their grub and pretending to text on their phone. Most people want a bit of socialising at the office as well as a good working relationship with their colleagues. But if you’re struggling to make friends at a new job or just want to make more don’t fret – here are our tips to help you make an impression with your colleagues.

Disclaimer: Your Facebook may be inundated with friend requests shortly after you read this article.

Find Common Ground

The easiest way to start building rapport with your colleagues is to find out what interests and hobbies you may have in common. Listen into any conversations around you, be observant and take break opportunities to get to know your team mates. As soon as you find something in common – whether it’s a TV show or your love for cooking – you’ll automatically be able to build a working relationship. Lunch time chats and quick comments at your desk will become a regular occurrence and you’ll start to build friendships.

Lunch Dates

If you’re in a new job this can be intimidating but the best way to get to know people outside of work is to tag along on lunch dates. Whether it’s the Friday pub tradition or Monday canteen banter, ask your colleagues if you can join in. This will give you the opportunity to get to know your colleagues better and will help you to get into a lunchtime routine.

Get In on the Tea Round

Tea is the way to many peoples’ hearts in the office (the Jobulo team love a good cuppa!). Typing away all day and staring at a screen for too long can be damaging to your concentration levels, which is why being offered a beverage at some point in the day can be so refreshing. Most offices do tea rounds – where each person takes it in turn to make the tea and coffee. Make sure you get in on this. Not only does it show you are a team player but it also gives you a chance to step away from your desk and stretch your legs.

Go to Social Events

If you are the one person that misses the weekly pub quiz or the one person who never shows up to the Christmas party then you are missing out on opportunities to get to know your colleagues better. As soon as people are away from the office environment  they relax and you’ll have more opportunity to build rapport. You’ll be in a relaxed environment so getting to know people will be much easier. Just be careful if you are at an event where there is a free bar – getting too intoxicated at a work event is not advisable.

Lend a Hand

Offering to help a colleague with work or work responsibilities can really help you to build friendships. Not only does offering to help show that you are a nice person but it also shows that you are trustworthy. So whether you see a colleague struggling with a work task or you see them struggling to carry a tray of tea, offer them some assistance.