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How to Keep Fit at Work

how to keep fit at workWhether you work a shift pattern and have to avoid a late-night donut or you work in a desk job and keep being offered your colleague’s birthday cake – keeping weight off in an office environment can be tough. A study last year by Wonderful Pistachios found that the average office worker puts on a stone in weight in the first year they join a company. The survey found that most office workers eat breakfast, lunch and dinner at their desk during a working day to keep on top of their deadlines as well as munching on regular snacks! But if you’re finding this all too familiar don’t despair – here are some of our tips to help you beat the bloat and keep you active and healthy at work!

Think About Your Commute

If you work far away, driving to work may be unavoidable. But if your commute to work isn’t that long why not consider walking or cycling? Most companies now operate a cycle to work scheme, which can enable you to buy a decent bike at a lower cost than on the high street. Not only is cycling or walking to work good for the environment but it can help you to keep trim and can also help your stress levels! No more screaming at the wheel in Monday morning traffic. If you are considering cycling or walking to work plan your route. Check out the best routes to your office, decide the best time to start travelling to avoid roads becoming too busy and plan your get-ready routine to help you arrive to work on time. Cycling or walking during a commute is a great way to fit in your daily exercise without having to think too much about it and the best bit? You don’t have to feel guilty if you don’t fancy going to the gym that night!

Walk Across the Office

Need to speak to a colleague? Need to arrange a meeting with your manager? Instead of emailing, speak to them in person. With email, Skype and smartphones it can be too easy to sit in our chairs all day long and interact with our colleagues virtually. But not only is this bad for our waistlines it’s also bad for rapport building. Building work relationships is much easier face-to-face! Delivering messages personally will also make you get out of your chair and burn some calories – you’d be surprised how many calories you can burn just by going up and down the stairs a few times.

Tea Breaks

Fancy a cuppa? Wherever your tea room is, get up and walk around the office while the kettle boils. Walk up and down the stairs, walk to the toilet and avoid the lift when you are making tea. The average worker has five hot drinks a day so that is plenty of time to fit in some exercise! Be warned though – extra dedication may be needed to avoid the biscuits.

Pack Your Snacks

One of the best ways to avoid unhealthy snacking at work is to pack your own! Being unprepared could lead to last minute trips to the vending machine, snacking on the office treats and lunchtime pub trips. While these are all good lunchtime breaks try to avoid these becoming a regular occurrence if you’re trying to keep your weight down. Instead try preparing your own snacks at home and take them to work to graze on. That way the next time your colleague offers you a sweet you can politely say no and head for the homemade food.

Exercise for Lunch

Many companies invest in gyms for their staff but if you haven’t got one there’s plenty you can do on your lunch break. Walk to the shops, walk around the office, go for a run or ask a colleague to go on a lunchtime stroll – there’s a number of ways you can get outside and do some exercise.

Organise Social Events

You don’t have to fit in all of your fitness goals during office hours. Why not try arranging some social exercise events. Not only can they help you to build rapport with your colleagues but they are a great way to keep fit. Whether it’s signing your team mates up for a run, creating a football team or organising a big charity event – try to make exercise a part of your team’s socialising pattern.