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How to Stay Awake at Work

15255747_mDuring a day at work it can be very easy to start falling asleep at your desk. Staring at your computer screen, caffeine crashes and bad lighting can all lead to you feeling exhausted in the workplace. Check out these tips to help you stay fresh faced and to make it through to home time.

Talk to Colleagues

Talking to colleagues is an effective way of banishing tiredness. Whether it’s a quick chat at your desk or walking into another department for a discussion – try and have regular work discussions to avoid being slumped at your desk all day.

Walk Around

Bathroom breaks, talking to your boss, printing out work… there are a number of reasons to leave your desk during a working day. So if you feel yourself falling to sleep ensure you get up and stretch your legs.

Eat Healthily

One of the biggest factors of feeling tired at work is bad diet. If you are eating sweets, chocolate and snacks – your body is likely to feel sluggish from all the sugar! Try to have healthy snacks at your desk and plan your lunches so you know what you are eating isn’t effecting your work. Some foods, like fruit and nuts, are thought to boost energy too.

Have Breaks

Most companies will have a policy on breaks anyway but if you are using VDU’s (visual display units) you should have a break every two hours. Ensure you spend time looking away from the screen and resting your eyes before returning to work.

For more advice on how to stay motivated at work and for career tips check out our career video channel.

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