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How to Impress at Your Work Christmas Party

10970163_mChristmas is almost here and that means soon you will be brushing off your festive outfit and getting ready to party with your colleagues at your work Christmas party. But many employees actually dread the annual event – because there is always the danger of embarrassing yourself! Follow these tips to help you impress at your Christmas party while keeping your CV template and professional profile intact!

• Dress appropriately. The dress code will depend on the type of party you are attending. Find out whether it’s a corporate event, informal dinner or night out and find an outfit to suit. If you turn up underdressed or overdressed it could make you feel uneasy.

• Be punctual. Just like when you are going to work you should be punctual at your work party and arrive on time. If you arrive late, you are more likely to have the spotlight on you – and it may not be for the right reason! Ensure you plan your travel and arrive in good time.

• Socialise. Don’t be shy at your work party – it’s a chance for you to get to know people outside of work and to build rapport with key members of staff. Ensure you spend time networking throughout the evening and strike up conversation with people in other departments. The more people you get to know at the organisation, the more chance you will have of progressing your career.

• Don’t drink too much. Most offices will supply drinks throughout the evening for free – however you should try to avoid getting too drunk. You may say something you regret and it could give off the wrong impression to your colleagues.

• Be polite. If your boss has taken the company out to a posh bar and you haven’t had to pay a penny – ensure you thank them and be polite throughout the function.