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How to Get Motivated at Work After a Holiday

motivation at workFor the majority of employees across the country, holiday time is precious as most companies offer up to 28 days paid leave a year. But although holiday time is rare, many candidates find that once the work routine is broken it can be very difficult to return to the office and working life.

So if you have just been away and are trying to get back into ‘work mode’ check out these tips to help you get motivated!

Be Early

If you have taken a considerable amount of time off of work then it’s likely you’ll be coming back to lots of emails, new tasks and company updates. To make a smooth transition back to work consider getting in to the office early on your first day back. Not only will getting up early help you to feel motivated, but the extra time in the office will allow you to filter through your emails and correspondence and set up your working day. This should help you to feel more organised.

Make a List

To help you organise your work tasks, create a ‘to do list’ for the week, listing the high priority tasks at the top. Pin this to your computer and refer to it throughout the working week. Looking at a ‘to do list’ will help you to feel more organised and will also ensure that any important tasks are completed efficiently. Once you complete a task tick it off of your list – this will show your progress throughout the week and will keep your motivation levels high.

Set Times

After a holiday it’s difficult to go back to working 9-5 when you have just spent a week or so relaxing and not looking at your watch. So to make your working day flow more efficiently, try setting times for each task you complete. Set your day out including your breaks and give yourself a few hours to complete each task. For example, use a few hours in the morning to complete admin tasks, a few hours mid morning to answer emails and calls, the afternoon to work on core projects and revisit your emails before you leave the office. Structuring your day like this will give you goals to work to and will make the day go quicker.

Take Regular Breaks

Regular breaks can help improve your concentration levels. If you are just returning to work after a holiday then it’s unlikely you have been staring at a computer screen so adjusting back to this can be difficult. Take regular breaks away from your screen to make tea or coffee or to talk to work colleagues.

Book Another Holiday

One of the easiest ways to get over the holiday blues when you are at work is to book another one to look forward to! Assess how much annual leave you have and start looking for that next break!