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Five Of The Weirdest Jobs In The World

Take a look at these unconventional jobs…


Beer Taster
It may be a dream job for many but for some it’s an actual 9-5 role. Companies employ beer tasters to sample products before they hit supermarket shelves and before they are served up in pubs. A job as a Beer Taster involves travelling to sample different products and taste testing different brands before providing feedback. Companies then use this information to help with product development.


Professional Sleeper
Getting paid to sleep is actually a reality for some people. Professional Sleepers can work for a variety of companies – most recently a hotel in Finland advertised for a Professional Sleeper to sleep in their rooms and to write a blog about the experience. Professional Sleepers can also be involved in studies at universities or colleges – no snooze button required for this position!


Vomit Collector
Although this was probably a PR stunt, a few years ago a theme park in the UK hired someone to become their official Vomit Collector. Yes, collecting vomit is a real job. The job responsibilities include cleaning up vomit and ensuring the park is kept clean and to a high standard. Although it sounds like a smelly job there are certain perks including going on the rides for free.


Dog Yoga Teacher
Yoga is a popular hobby for many people and so there are plenty of job opportunities for Yoga Instructors. Some Yoga Instructors will work in a gym whilst others will freelance and work from home. Now there are opportunities to be a Dog Yoga Instructor. Dog Yoga or Doga, is the latest craze to hit the UK from America. Instructors take on most of the same responsibilities as a standard yoga class but of course dogs will be in the room!


Chocolate Taster
A variety of companies and confectionery brands rely on their Chocolate Tasters to sample new recipes and products. As well as sampling and reviewing the flavour and texture of new chocolate products a taster may also have to review the smell, look and packaging too. They will then report back on their findings and revisit a product after it has been adapted. The job is designed to help companies develop their products before consumer tasting.