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Do CV Stunts Get You the Job?

23450101_mThe news has been full of creative CVs recently. Whether it’s creating an Amazon CV, designing a CV made of cake or distributing a chocolate bar CV – it seems candidates all over the country are trying to get creative in order to grab attention. So do creative CVs make you stand out from the crowd? Here are some pros and cons if you’re thinking of creating one.


• Innovative. Trying a new CV idea can demonstrate to the employer that you are innovative and not afraid to try new things. These can be great qualities in the work place and many employers look for candidates who are going to try and push the company forward.

• Think outside the box. Sending a CV in an un-traditional way shows the employer that you can think outside of the box. Every job will require some sort of creative thinking so this could definitely impress the employer before you even reach the interview stage.

• Stand out. One of the main reasons candidates send out creative CVs is to get noticed. Not many people will take the time to create a CV made of cake or a buy a billboard to advertise their CV on. Doing this could help you make an impression and get to the interview stage.


• Over-confident. Some employers may feel that trying to grab attention could mean you are over-confident as a candidate. Many employers like confident candidates but you need to be careful you don’t fall into the arrogant pile so select your creative CV carefully.

• Not tradition. Many companies like to receive traditional CV templates so if you are considering sending out a more creative version, ensure you assess the company you are applying to and decide whether it’s appropriate. There are also a variety of jobs out there that use computer software to track candidate applications so with these vacancies you will probably be limiting your employment chances if you try a CV stunt.

• Could distract from your key skills. Although creating an innovative CV can grab an employer’s attention, it can also distract them from your key skills and experience. You want to be invited to an interview based on your merits not a CV stunt so bare this in mind when applying for jobs.