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Cycle to Work Day 2013

bicycleThis week sees the third National Cycle to Work Day. As part of Bike Week, employees all over the country will be ditching their cars and public transport for one day and hopping on their bikes to travel to work to mark the annual event. The aim of the event is to help the environment and improve fitness. So if you are thinking of taking part here are some tips to help your cycle to work day a success!


If you are planning on cycling to work and you don’t normally then you’ll need to prepare both your route and your bike! Get clear directions to work and estimate length of travel to ensure you are not late to the office. Prepare your bike by checking the brakes and pumping up the tyres. Allow for plenty of time to get to work and get your equipment ready before the morning of the event.


Ensure you have all of your safety equipment the night before cycle day. If you don’t have a bicycle helmet then ensure you get one before travelling and consider placing lights on your bike, especially if your route to work is long!


Consider using social networks to tell others that you are taking part in the event. It could help you network with others in your industry and other employees doing the same thing.

Ask Your Colleagues

The organisers of Bike Week suggest asking colleagues to join in with your cycle route. Not only will this make the route more entertaining but it could also help you to build rapport with work colleagues too.