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Choose Your Perfect Career

18453522_mAre you struggling with your career path? Not sure what job is right for you? Then take our career quiz to help you decide your next move…

What Hobbies Do You Often List on Your CV?

A) Sport
B) Reading
C) Watching movies

What’s Important to You in the Work Place?

A) Helping others and knowing my job makes a difference
B) Completing tasks efficiently and reaching targets
C) Implementing a new project or new processes

When Are You Happiest at Work?

A) On my breaks as I’m not tied to the desk!
B) When I’m receiving bonuses
C) When I’m pitching new ideas in meetings

What Would You Typically Do During Your Lunch Break?

A) Get outside!
B) Go shopping
C) Read or update my blogs and social feeds

What Motivates You?

A) I like flexitime and being able to work in different locations
B) Money
C) Client feedback and praise

Mostly A’s:

You are an active person and love being outdoors. You don’t enjoy working at a desk all day long and like to have a bit of variety to your day so a career working outside could be for you. You also like to make a difference in the work place so working for a charity could also be an option. Read our industry spotlight interviews on becoming a Ranger for the National Trust, becoming a professional Photographer or becoming a Tennis Coach for more ideas.

Mostly B’s:

Your big motivation at work is money. Whether it’s hitting targets to receive commission or working towards your annual review, you like to earn well in your job. Working in a target based environment could be the right career move for you. Read our industry spotlight interview on working as a Recruitment Consultant and working as a Lettings Negotiator to find out more about these well paid jobs.

Mostly C’s:

You are a creative individual who likes to implement new ideas at work and you enjoy receiving feedback on your creations from both your colleagues and clients. You are also glued to social media sites and are always looking for new ideas and inspiration. A creative career could be for you. To find out more about jobs in this sector read our industry spotlight interviews on becoming a Journalist and becoming an Author.