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Writing a Management Cover Letter

16011975_mWriting a cover letter for a management position can be slightly different to other cover letters. You need to portray your management and leadership skills and if you haven’t had direct management experience yet, this can be difficult to do. Here are a few tips to get you through;

  • Update your CV template to match your cover letter. Ensure you highlight any management experience by either placing it at the top of your CV or using a bold font.
  • When writing your cover letter begin with a brief introduction of your background.
  • Ensure you bring out your managerial expertise in the main body of the cover letter. If you have had management roles or work experience before it is crucial that you mention them. You should also mention the number of people you were managing, the challenges you faced and how the role has helped you to develop.
  • Whether you have had previous management experience or not, you should definitely include skills that you believe the role will require. These are likely to include; management expertise, organisational skills, good leadership ability, calm under pressure, good communicator, results driven, good rapport building. You should list these skills on the cover letter and either briefly explain your direct experience of them or outline why you believe you have these skills.
  • Finish the cover letter explaining why you would like to work for the company and what you believe you can bring to the role. Although it’s good to show your previous management experience, you need to ensure you don’t come across as ‘over qualified.’ Explain why this role will help you to progress too.