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Writing a CV – Things to Avoid

13362683_mWriting a CV is the most important part of the job hunting process. When you are constructing your CV template it is crucial that you make it stand out and there are a few things you should avoid too.

Just like when writing a cover letter, you need to think carefully about what you include in your CV. There are definitely some things you should steer clear of including;

  • Swearing. This is an obvious one but don’t use any abusive language in your CV. No matter how much you disliked your old job, don’t write about it on your CV!
  • Don’t highlight failures. Nobody is perfect and you are sure to make mistakes in a job but don’t advertise this on your CV. Instead highlight your key achievements and keep it positive.
  • Don’t include salary. If you mention your previous salaries it may lead to the employer having a pre-conceived idea of your worth.
  • Avoid colloquial language. Using slang terms on your CV will not give off the best impression so instead stay professional.
  • Don’t lie.
  • Try to avoid writing long sentences. Keep the CV brief and concise.