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Why Your Cover Letter Should Be One Page

1Writing a cover letter is one of the steps of many when it comes to applying for a job. But, just like your CV, your cover letter should be short and sweet. Here are some reasons why you should keep your cover letter to one page of text:

Easy to Read

Your cove letter needs to be easy and quick to read. Employers usually take less than a minute to assess your CV and cover letter before deciding whether to read on or not. If they are confronted with lots of text on your cover letter they are likely to get bored and may not take in all of the relevant information. By keeping your cover letter to one page or less you are giving the employer time to take in your expertise and reasons for wanting to work for the company. Check your cover letter for spelling or grammatical errors before you send it out to ensure it reads well.


When applying for a job you need to be as concise as possible and tell the employer why you are the right candidate for the role. One way of doing this is keeping your cover letter short and concise. It’s crucial to get to the point on your cover letter as it’s the first thing the employer will be reading, before your CV, and it’s likely they will be making a decision as to whether you will be invited to an interview based on your cover letter content. Ensure you address the key points of the job description and briefly outline what you think you could bring to the company.

Avoid Waffle

If you write pages and pages of text on your cover letter you’ll probably find yourself talking about your entire career history and every job role you have ever worked in. This may not be relevant to the role you are applying for and the employer may think you are waffling. Instead try to target your key skills and experience that would be beneficial in the position you are applying for and do your research on the company to explain how you see yourself fitting in with the organisation.