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Why You Should Show Negotiation Skills on Your CV

21289538_mMost employers look for sales skills in a candidate as business development and building clientele is crucial in today’s competitive business climate. One specific skill that seems to be desirable to employers is the ability to negotiate. Whether it’s negotiating good prices for stock or negotiating with a paying customer to secure the best deal – negotiation is definitely a required skill for many jobs on the market today. So how can demonstrating good negotiation skills when writing a CV improve your chances of finding employment?

Rapport Building

Demonstrating good negotiation skills on your CV will demonstrate to the employer that you have strong rapport building skills. In order to be able to negotiate with customers, clients or suppliers you need to have good relationship skills. You can usually only secure the best deal if you gain the ‘likeability factor’ so demonstrating good negotiation skills can reaffirm your ability to rapport build to the employer.


If you can negotiate at work it shows that you are competitive and persistent. Negotiation, whatever the circumstances, requires time and patience. You don’t usually secure the best deals overnight so negotiating with clients can take a while. Showing good negotiation skills will show that you are persistent and don’t give up easily – both attractive traits when it comes to business.

Proves You Are a Good Team Player

Negotiating can sometimes require teamwork. Whether it’s working with a colleague to negotiate a deal with a customer or asking your manager for advice, negotiating often involves talking to other members of staff. If your CV shows that you have good negotiation skills then an employer is likely to think you are a good team player.

Overall, negotiation skills can be applied to many different industries. Customer Service, Recruitment, Sales and Buyer jobs are just a few of the roles where negotiation skills can be useful. So when writing your CV, think back to past roles and demonstrate how you are a good negotiator – including statistics – and ensure you include examples throughout your CV.