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Why You Should Hand Your Notice In

resigningIf you are wondering whether to hand your notice in and can’t make a decision then check out these reasons below to help you decide whether it’s the right move for you.

You Are Unhappy at Work

If you are unhappy at work then this can be an indication that it’s time to hand your notice in. But before you make this decision and start writing your resignation letter you should discuss your concerns with your boss and discuss what is making you unhappy. There may be a simple resolution and this may change your mind about resigning so explore your options first. If you are still miserable in your job, start looking for a new one!

There’s No Career Progression

If you want to progress in the company but there is clearly nowhere to progress to then it could be time to start looking for a new role. You should discuss possible career progression opportunities with your manager and ask them what you need to do to make it to management level. But if it’s a small company or your manager clearly outlines there won’t be any opportunities in the company, then you should reassess how important a promotion is to you. If it is essential then you may need to write your resignation once you find a new position.

You Want to Change Industries

Whether you have been in your job for a long period of time or you just fancy a change, you may be thinking of trying to gain experience in a new industry. If you have been working in the same industry for a while and want to break into a new one then you’ll need to gain some relevant work experience and the only way to do this is to leave your current job and start applying for work experience placements or internships. It may take you a while to secure a paid position in this new industry so it could be worth considering saving before you leave work to help you fund this new venture.

You Want More Money

Salary is a key reason why many people leave their jobs. If you are looking for more money or more incentives then you need to tell your manager and if there is no room for improvement on your salary then consider looking for another position.