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Read advice on how best to conduct yourself in a job interview.

Why You Are the Best Job Interviewer

2It might sound like a strange concept but when it comes to job interviews, you are the best job interviewer there is! You know your CV template extremely well and you know what successes you need to draw attention to. So when you are preparing for a job interview, take on the role of the interviewer before you sit down with the employer and critique your CV.

When you are preparing sit down with a pen and paper and put yourself in the interviewer’s shoes. Think about what questions might come up and how you are going to answer them. Look at the below to help you prepare and before the interview sit in front of a mirror and recite your questions and answers. It can really help you to feel prepared and it will help you to feel less nervous too!

  • You know your CV inside out so think of some questions the interviewer might have. Think like an employer – what would you want to know about your application? What skills would you want to see demonstrated?
  • Prepare for curveball questions – think about any strange questions that might come up and how you can combat them
  • What questions can tap into your hobbies or your interests? Perhaps the interviewer has a specific industry that would benefit from the skills you have learned from your hobbies? Prepare for this by writing a good personal statement
  • Ensure you include any relevant work experience and that you draw upon the key skills
  • You know the industry you want to work in – think about what the interviewer might want to know. Why do you want to work for them? Why do you love this industry?

After you have considered the above, practice your interview questions and answers and ensure you stand out as the perfect candidate!