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Why You Are The Best CV Writer

There are many advice articles out there that recommend you use a professional writing service for your CV if you’re serious about standing out from the crowd and ensuring you get invited to that all important job interview. With the help of our free to start CV building service you are in fact the best scribe for your CV.

There are many reasons why you are the best person to write your CV:

  • You can adjust and amend your CV for each job application allowing you to specifically target your CV to the job role in question
  • Only you know your career history and personal objectives extensively and you can use this knowledge to ensure your CV is driven by your needs.
  • By writing and building your own CV you can achieve a bespoke individual look and stand out from the crowd. Check out our CV samples from the menu bar on the left hand side for examples of the looks that can be achieved using our CV tool.

There are several mis-conceptions about professionally written third party CVs:


  • You will stand-out above the rest of the job applicants if using a professionally written CV. More often than not these CV writers have fairly average English skills and are no better equipped than you to write coherent, targeted passages of text.
  • Without a professionally written CV your chance of achieving an interview is very slim. This is simply not true, with a little guidance and help with structure (our CV builder takes care of this for you) a self-written CV can easily compete (and stand out) over a professionally written alternative.

What professional CV writers are more mindful of in some cases is the view point of the potential employer. What makes an effective CV is one that targets the employer’s specific needs for the job role in question and demonstrates how the candidate can exceed the employer’s expectations and excel in these areas. To help you drive your CV towards persuading the employer to hire you over the other guy you should bear the following in mind:

  • Your qualities as an employee and how you’ve improved businesses you’ve worked for in the past
  • How your experience can improve the prospective employer’s business operation and profitability
  • How your credentials can become a valuable asset for the employer

Try to keep the three points above in mind when writing each section of your CV. Ensure that your sentences are clear, concise and well written. When reading your CV back to yourself try to think as the employer, does your CV demonstrate the three aforementioned points the employer is looking for? If so you’re on the right track to getting invited to an interview!
Struggling with articulating your CV to demonstrate you can achieve what the employer is looking for? These points may help:

  • Using a word processing programme (and our integrated spell-checker on our own CV builder) ensures that simple spelling mistakes and grammatical errors are avoided
  • Make sure you fully understand what the employer is looking for regarding this job position – this will allow you to be better equipped to meet the prospective employer’s needs
  • Proofread your CV ensuring that it meets the demands of the potential employer
  • Orchestrate your career history entries so that they illustrate how you can meet the employer’s requirements.

Following these basic tips will certainly increase the chances of your CV winning a job interview. Carrying out some research on the company you’re applying to also helps as understanding the way their business works will allow you to write pertinent information which will make you stand out from the other applicants as the most suitable candidate.

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