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Why Travelling Can Be Good for Your CV

19294099_mIf you are just leaving college or university and are considering taking a year out to travel then you may be concerned that you are damaging your work prospects. If you travel for long periods of time it can leave a gap on your CV, leave you lacking industry experience and it could mean you miss out on the latest job openings. But travelling can also be really good for your CV – here’s why:

Life Experience

One of the main advantages of travelling when it comes to applying for jobs is the life experience that you can gain. Most employers today like to hire candidates that have both work experience and life experience. Most employers want to hire candidates that have interacted with a variety of people from different backgrounds because being able to communicate effectively with colleagues and having good people skills is essential in the work place. Travelling can not only help you to gain this experience but it will also demonstrate to the employer that you are versatile.

New Jobs

If you are travelling for a long time then it’s likely that you will need to work in the different areas you travel to. Noting these positions down on your CV can really help your job interview chances when you return home to apply for work. Working abroad demonstrates to an employer that you have multiple skills that you may not have been able to gain from employers in the UK. It also demonstrates that you are adaptable, work well under pressure and that you can work in different environments. So whether it’s working on a banana farm in Australia or working for a charity in Thailand, ensure you include these positions on your CV.


Fitting into an office environment can be tough because of the variety of people working there and the different personalities you can encounter. By travelling you can really build on your people skills by meeting people from different cultures. This will help you when applying for a job back home.


If you are travelling all over the world then you may pick up different languages and this can be really beneficial to an employer. If an employer has clients overseas and can see that you can speak a few different languages then it could boost your job prospects.

Ready for a Career

When an employer advertises for a job opening they will usually be looking for someone to fill the vacancy long-term. Showing an employer that you are dedicated to their company and want to progress within the business can improve your chances of securing the job. If an employer can see on your CV that you have travelled then it shows stability because it shows an employer that you are ready to begin a career.