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Why Should You Negotiate a Salary Increase?

19027335_mThere will be times throughout your career that you will find yourself wanting to negotiate a salary increase.

This could be because you have been in the role for some time and believe you deserve a salary increase or it could be because you are approaching an annual appraisal and need to prepare. Either way, there are a number of reasons why you should approach salary negotiations throughout your career.

If you’re highly experienced in your industry then your employer should recognise this and reward you with a salary increase. Ensure you keep your CV template up to date and you can refer to this during meetings.

Length of time in the company
If you have been with a company for a long time and have shown loyalty to their brand then you are in a good position to negotiate your pay. Many employees will come and go but if you have shown longevity and commitment you can use this in your review to help you gain a pay rise.

Career Prospects
Do you have career prospects at your company? Have you been working towards a job promotion? Well, this is an ideal opportunity to look at your salary. If you have been working hard towards a new role and progressing in the organisation then you are demonstrating your commitment to the company and should use this as evidence that you deserve a salary review.

Meeting The Job Spec
When it comes to annual appraisals and salary reviews an employer will look at your job role and assess whether you are meeting the requirements. If you are meeting them well or going over and above what is expected of you, this will stand out to your employer.

Previous Salaries
Your boss may look at your salary history within the company or indeed within your career and assess whether you are being paid accordingly. If your previous salaries were higher or you were being progressed more quickly, then you need to bring this up in your meeting.