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Which Cover Letter Is Right for Your Job Application?

14187031_mThere are a variety of cover letters you can write when applying for jobs. When you are looking for jobs and writing a cover letter you should carefully assess these and decide which one is right for you.

When you are defining different cover letters you should think about the best time to send them and which style suits your application as this will maximise your chances of securing employment. Here are some ideas of when to use different cover letters;

General Cover Letter

Although a cover letter should be targeted at an employer and should explore some of your personality, you can write a general cover letter to send out to variety of employers. The trick here is to try and keep it personal too – you don’t want a recruitment company or an employer to think you haven’t been thorough. Ensure you keep it catchy and attach your CV.

Best to Write: If you want to apply to a variety of companies in the same industry, if you have seen a variety of job advertisements that are similar or if you are sending out multiple applications.


This type of cover letter is usually written if you want to apply directly to an organisation that are not advertising. If a company isn’t advertising but you really want to work there why not send a speculative cover letter? This should be full of your relevant work experience and information on why you want to work for their company/how you can make a difference. Don’t be disheartened if you don’t hear anything back – they are definitely worth sending as they could lead to opportunities.

Best to Write: If you really want to work for a company, have relevant work experience or have volunteered somewhere similar.

Replying to an Ad

Whether you see an advertisement online, in the paper or on a company website – this type of cover letter is in direct reply. You need to carefully assess the job role and responsibilities and include relevant details in your cover letter. Keep it specific to the job and tie in your key skills.

Best to Write: If you are applying directly to an organisation.

There are plenty of other letters you can send including referral cover letters. Before you apply for a job ensure you know which type of cover letter is most suitable, work on your professional CV and chase up any job opportunities.