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What Your Attitude Says About You During a Job Interview

16975369_mYou can impress an interviewer in a variety of ways and one thing most employers look at during a job interview is attitude. If a candidate has a positive attitude then it will most likely rub-off on the employer and leave them with a good impression. But what if you have a bad attitude?

A bad attitude can really hinder your chances of securing a job. Here’s a few things that can be regarded as bad attitude during a job interview:

  • No regard for appearance or dress code
  • Chewing gum
  • Being late
  • Having an excuse for being late
  • Not asking questions
  • Looking at your watch
  • Negative facial expressions
  • Not engaging with the staff
  • Not keeping eye contact and looking un-interested

All of the above will make the employer feel uncomfortable and will also make them feel like you aren’t that interested in the job role. So instead, try the below to ensure you maximise your chances of job interview success;

  • Research the office dress code and dress accordingly
  • Don’t chew gum!
  • Research how you are going to get to the offices and leave plenty of time to get there
  • Look at the company website and think of some positive questions you can ask
  • Practice your facial expressions and prepare for the interview
  • Be friendly and approachable with everyone, not just the interviewer
  • Ensure your interview body language remains positive and that you demonstrate your eagerness for the job!

For more advice watch our career video job interview practice.