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What to Take to an Appraisal Meeting

13847682_lStaff appraisal meetings can vary depending on the company you work for. Usually you will be invited to an annual staff appraisal meeting to discuss your work, to discuss any career related issues and to talk through your future goals within the company. Take a look at this checklist to ensure you are prepared for your next appraisal meeting.

Pen and Paper

During an appraisal meeting you will need to take notes. Appraisal meetings usually involve in-depth discussions with your manager on a number of topics including your performance to date, the company’s performance, areas for improvement, areas you need help with and goal setting. Note down anything you want to discuss before you attend the meeting so you have something to refer to. You should also make notes during the meeting on any area your manager would like you to focus on or note down any goals you have created from the meeting.

CV Template

Print out a copy of your CV template to take to your appraisal meeting. This is especially important if this is your first meeting since you joined the company. Having a copy of your CV to refer to will help you to remember your career objective and career goals. Assess how far you have come with these and adjust them to include any future goals.

Career Portfolio

Your appraisal meeting is your chance to speak to your manager about your work and to show them your achievements. Gather examples of your work to show your boss and make notes on how they have impacted the company. In your appraisal meeting you may have the opportunity to talk about a salary increase too so having copies of your work to support you is essential.

Write a To Do List

During your appraisal your manager is likely to score you on a number of different areas including reliability, sickness and dress sense. If there are any areas that you think may need improving then pre-empt them by writing an action list. Prepare a list of areas that you feel need improving and note down some ways in which you plan to improve them. This will demonstrate to the employer that you are motivated and have prepared well for the meeting.


If you have any questions that you need to ask your manager your appraisal meeting is the ideal time. Make a note of any issues you have or any queries you need resolved. After your meeting you can then ask your manager face-to-face.