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What To Do If You Have No References


If you’re currently seeking employment but have minimal past work history or professional contacts it can be very difficult to include relevant references on your CV. This can prevent you from even being considered by a potential employer and could result in it being very difficult to achieve an interview. However, we here at Jobulo have compiled some tips to help you get around this problem.

Utilize Character References

Character references can be a great way of galvanising your CV and providing a potential employer with a referee that will inspire confidence in you as an employee. A character reference can be a friend, relative or anyone you’ve known for a considerable period of time. You need to make them aware that you are applying for jobs and they may be called upon to give a glowing report about you as a person, your values and your work ethic. In this instance the referees career may also help give you the advantage over other applicants as a glowing report from a doctor, lawyer or company director will influence your respective employer even further so if you know anyone in these professions it may be worth considering them as a reference on your CV.

Consider Referees from Clubs or Religious Groups

A good option to consider is including a referee from any religious groups or clubs you may be involved with. Make contact with the organiser of the club or pastor at the church you attend and request that they be ready to act as a reference on your behalf if the situation arises. A potential employer will be impressed that a local figure of importance is willing to vouch for you.

15629042_mConsider Educational References

If you have recently graduated from college or are a high-school leaver it’s a good idea to consider your previous teachers or lecturers as referees for your CV. Think about asking a couple of teachers that you worked closely with to verify your work ethic, character and values as an employee. If you’re worried your potential employer may not accept this type of reference you could always call them in advance to check that this is ok.

Consider Community or Volunteer Work References

If you’re presently not in employment this could be a great opportunity to get some volunteering experience under your belt and onto your CV. Look into any local charities that may need some volunteer labour. This kind of work can help you make a difference in your local community and will look great on your CV as it shows willingness to make a difference and work hard. It will also enable you to develop some professional contacts that you could consider as referees on your new CV.

Provide Testimonials from Customers

For the self-employed finding references for a CV when looking to move into employment can be difficult especially if you have been self employed for a long period of time. The best professional referees you can supply in this instance are clients that you’ve had a long-standing and good service history with. This will show potential employers that you can meet targets and maintain a good service level.

Now you know who you are going to list as references why not start creating your CV using our professional free CV tool.